BT Copper Line Switch Off

With the impending BT copper line infrastructure switch off in 2025, businesses should now be looking at switching across to VOIP accompanied by a Fibre broadband service.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It basically enables the transmission of voice over the internet rather than using traditional telephone lines or cellular networks.

The technology offers many advantages compared to traditional telephone lines, some of these include:

  • Cost Savings: VOIP typically costs less than traditional phone services.
  • Flexibility: The technology allows users to make calls from any internet-connected device, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or dedicated IP phones. This flexibility enables remote work, mobility, and the ability to make calls from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Scalability: VOIP systems are easily scalable, making it simple to add or remove extensions or features as needed without the constraints associated with traditional phone systems. This scalability is particularly beneficial for growing businesses.
  • Advanced Features: The technology offers a wide range of advanced features beyond basic calling, including call forwarding, voicemail-to-email transcription, call recording, video conferencing, auto-attendant, and much more. These features enhance communication and productivity.
  • Integration and Collaboration: VOIP can integrate with other business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and Microsoft Teams. It also facilitates collaboration through video conferencing and file sharing.
  • Reliability: When set up correctly, VOIP systems can be highly reliable. They often include redundancy measures to ensure minimal downtime in case of internet outages or system failures. For example, users can switch across to their mobile device by using the mobile collaboration app. Further to this we also have the ability to setup a 4G backup service to always keep your system online.

Overall VOIP offers many benefits over traditional phone lines and alongside the improvements being made to the technology each year, the system will future proof your business for many years to come.

ETS offer many VOIP system solutions, including the award-winning system called Wildix. Wildix is suitable for both small and large businesses due to its robustness and reliability. The system has no cap on the number of users it can handle, and it has many features to cater for any businesses requirements. These include; auto attendants, call queues, Microsoft Teams integration, webinar hosting, video conferencing and its very own collaboration web app, which enables users to take calls on the go.

We are also able to offer more basic systems which are more than capable to deal with any small business usage and requirements.

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